New House Plant Area Opening

We are so excited to announce after a year of building that our new House Plant Room will be finally opening this weekend (28th November 2020). This has truly been a real family project, and all members of our team have worked together to bring this room to life. We are so proud of our new House Plant Area and to celebrate our opening we are offering 15% off ALL House Plants for this weekend (28th/29th November 2020) ONLY!

Of course like with any area of plants, we have ensured we stock a vast selection of indoor house plants which includes many varieties and sizes. Picking the right house plant for your home or office is very important for a plant to flourish in the right environment, as they need the correct light, air and humidity for success.

Our Top Tips to having happy healthy House Plants.

  1. Read, Read, Read. Most varieties of house plants are easy to grow, but there are a few complicated ones therefore we would recommend you read up about their likes and dislikes – or be sure to ask a member of our team for any information you might require regarding its water and lights needs.
  2. WATERING – Unfortunately, most houseplants are killed by kindness, as many people over water their house plants, but the majority prefer to be dry rather than wet. Therefore, the general rule is to let the plant dry out a little between watering and always make sure water can drain properly out of its pot or pot cover.
  3. Light – Another general rule is.. with regards to variegated plants or highly coloured leaves, they require more light (but not direct) to keep their colouring. However, their greener cousins will happily grow in a shady area of a room.

We look forward to seeing our customers browse our new range of Plants.